Big Day

22. října 2010 v 19:32 | Elzí♥ |  Písníčky od X
Big Day

I can only sing and sing
I fell and lost my wedding ring
The priest took a bible and say
This is a big day Its your last day

This way is only for the brave
And you can see that is youre grave
If I ever die...
I want to say to my wife:
You can die for me
you can kill for me
You can cry for me
but you stood still
Such as you dont love mee......

The court say youre murder...
I say im not a murder
The court say shut up you shit
Dont worry my wife i wished

Sunday morning
Very nice morning
Priest said you did very well
My friend but court think youre rebel Guilotine is ready
They said ready steady NOW
awful sound can be listened
And then craCK

I dont feel anything
But i listen to something
Sound like encore
I record... It is encore!
I am still alive I fell from the guilotine
This is not my big day If i ever die....

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